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Our Story

Refugee School Supplies (RSS) was founded by two passionate middle-schoolers, Daniel Adibi and Advaith Kollipara. After seeing firsthand the conditions in which refugees were living, we decided to form our business. When presented with the opportunity of the Young Entrepreneurs Academy, we were finally able to pursue our passion. 

Refugee School Supplies is for anybody who wants to make a difference in a refugee's life by providing them the supplies for their education. Especially with the recent crisises in Ukraine and Afghanistan, more refugees than ever have been fleeing to the United States with very few possessions. 

Donate today to help a refugee. Donate today to make a difference. 

Donate today to help a refugee child get the education they need. We accept quick and easy monetary donations on our site. 

We make our supplies available to over 5,000 refugees and immigrants in the Philadelphia area from all different nationalities. 

Our mission is to provide school-age refugee children in the Philadelphia area the supplies they need for success. 

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