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About Us

We are a local non-profit with the goal of providing refugees in the Greater Philadelphia area with the school supplies they need for success. Many refugees come to America with very few possessions and cannot afford to purchase the supplies their children need. Education is an immensely important aspect and every refugee deserves to have access to good education. Especially with the recent crises and influx of refugees, this has become more important than ever. This non-profit was started to connect donors who want to help refugees to provide an education for their children. 


Our Story

Our business was founded by two passionate middle-schoolers who wanted to make a change. After seeing firsthand the conditions in which refugees lived and seeing their needs, we decided to start this organization. After being presented with the opportunity of the Young Entrepreneur's Academy (YEA!), we were able to get it started. Our hope is to make a change and to help the refugees in our community.  

Our Team

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